We broker your olive oil - no matter where it comes from

Do you already have your own brand?

You already have your own brand and plan to expand your assortment in the direction of vegetable oils? Then talk to us. We plan and organize the procurement of raw materials, the selection of packaging, filling and logistics and the logistics even for medium quantities.

You already have your own brand?

Have you found an interesting raw material, but you do not know how to turn it into a finished product, then you have come to the right place. You provide us the raw material and get a finished product ready for sale in the trade or online or the online store.
Olive oil broker
Anyone who wants to buy olive oil in Europe can choose between thousands of suppliers. It is difficult to keep track and to recognize the differences. Use our more than 20 years of experience in buying olive oil for your business. As a broker we have contact to hundreds of suppliers and know many of them personally. We ourselves run a large olive farm in Turkey and therefore know our way around very well. We can advise you depending on whether your customers are in the EU or outside. We can get your olive oil for you and you are free to decide how it should be. From which country should it come? We know suppliers from Greece, from Turkey, from Italy, Spain, Portugal or Tunisia. You can even choose specific regions, such as Crete (Greece) , Tuscany (Italy) or Mallorca (Spain). Should your olive oil come from a wholesaler, from a mill or directly from a single producer? Does your supplier require certain certificates? We will select the most suitable supplier, whether the olive oil should be for gastronomy or trade. Should it be organic or conventional? We can source your olive oil in bottles, canisters or larger containers. You can decide whether you need a special premium product or an olive oil for daily use. Do you want to supply supermarkets with their own brands or build your own brand? We make sure that you always get the best price. We will be happy to advise you on the taste or other properties.

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